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Increase Access to Broadband

America has a problem when it comes to broadband internet. Mainly, how many regions in the country lack access to it. Not having access to broadband affects everything from student
success in schools, to the success of businesses and the number of jobs they provide. The Covid-19 pandemic has only inflated these issues and exposed the need to reform broadband in this country.

Colin believes that we need to increase our broadband infrastructure in order to ensure that all people have access to the internet. We see a pattern of where broadband infrastructure
is placed in this country and it is clearly biased to those in lower economic and rural regions. Colin knows that in today's world, everyone needs access to the internet to be successful and we must work together to make this happen.

The United States created the internet and what we are left with is the slowest and most expensive internet in the developed world. A big cause of this is the lack of competition when it comes to who provides the internet. We have regional monopolies across this country. That restricts competition and hinders the need to provide better service.

In congress, Colin will lead the fight to make all broadband lines in the country publicly owned. Tax dollars paid for broadband lines, just like they did with phone lines decades ago. The only difference is that telecommunication companies have successfully
lobbied to keep broadband privately owned. Publicly owned broadband will allow for new companies to form, bringing back competition and thus faster speeds and lower prices. Fort
Collins, CO has already petitioned to make this happen.

Colin wants everyone in the third district, the state of Colorado, and across the entire country to have access to affordable, fast internet. This can only be done by having the right representation in Office that will not give in to high-power lobbyists. It's time we put the people of Colorado first.