School Children

Affordable Childcare

The impact of insufficient childcare effects more than just Colorado Families. The growing childcare crisis is felt nationwide, especially in Colorado’s rural areas- by parents, business owners, and taxpayers.

Colin recognizes that inadequate infant and toddler childcare imposes substantial and long-lasting consequences. The result is major strain on parents and a drain on our economy.

Access: Currently 51%-53% of all Colorado residents live in a childcare desert, meaning that there are more than three times as many children as licensed childcare slots. In many cases this creates waitlists that are unrealistic and unmanageable.

Affordability: Currently the average annual care for an infant exceeds the annual cost of public college
tuition. The cost of childcare is out of reach for many families, especially those with lower incomes. In
most places throughout Colorado, the cost of childcare exceeds more than 30% of a family’s annual income.

Economic Impact: For employers, insufficient childcare for their employees results in lost revenue and increased hiring costs and more frequent turnover. Colorado employers lose $680 million annually due to childcare challenges faced by their workforce.

Taxpayers: Even if you do not have children, the loss of tax revenue now from lower GDP, Lost sales and
consumption tax revenue will continue to impact you as well until there is a solution.

Colin supports policy initiatives for infant and toddler care as well as continuing innovations at
the local, state and federal levels. Colin believes in a childcare system that will support a more
productive Colorado workforce and economy. Its time to stop making people choose between families
and careers.