Judge and Gavel

Criminal Justice Reform

There are many things that we as a Country need to do in order to reform our justice system. Currently our justice system fosters, unintentionally and possibly intentionally, segregation, discrimination, the erecting of walls between people. Further, the goal of our criminal justice system is retribution not rehabilitation. We know when a society focuses on rehabilitation of those in the criminal justice system, the rate of recidivism drops dramatically. A large portion of crimes committed in our Country are related to addiction and/or mental health.


Colin says "and mental health" because 80% of the people who suffer addiction are actually suffering from untreated underlying mental health issues. Most of these crimes are also non-violent offenses. Non-violent offenders suffering from addiction or mental health issues should not be incarcerated but should be eligible for forms of treatment, including in-patient rehab, drug courts, IOP, and mental health counselling.