High Fives

Ending Racial Disparities

Colorado is ready to dominate the future, but we can’t do it unless  every one of us is able to compete on an even and open playing field. That begins with taking action to end the systemic racism that continues to play a role in every aspect of our lives—the schools our kids attend, which communities get funding for infrastructure and public services, whether we can get the health care we need, what jobs we have access to, how much money we earn, and how we’re treated in the eyes of the law.

Colin recognizes that for too long, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities across Colorado's 3rd district have been cut off from the resources they need to compete and thrive. He’s committed to ending disparities in access to resources to help businesses grow, investment into high-quality public education beginning with universal pre-K, and affordable health care from providers who understand their patients’ needs.

He’s committed to bringing people together to drive the conversation forward about how we build and restore trust between our police and the communities they are sworn to serve, and supported legislation to invest in training and expand accountability for law enforcement

Finally, Colin understands that one of the most fundamental ways to make our government work equally for all of us by ensuring that every Coloradan has access to the ballot box, a right that has too often come under attack. In Congress, Colin will fight every day to defend every American's right to vote and defend our democracy.