Climate Change

We must recognize that man made climate change is real. The debate on this issue is closed. In Colorado, climate change means reduced snowpack, larger and more frequent wildfires, extreme heat, and worsened air quality. First, we must stand up and act now. We can work to combat climate change by investing in energy efficient jobs. Energy efficiency jobs are growing at twice the rate of regular job growth. When we create these jobs, we don’t lose the recreation and agricultural sectors that have been so beneficial to CD3, we only expand and diversify our economy. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


Colin believes that health care is a fundamental right. We need to tackle health care, but that means not only tackling the high cost of healthcare with a government paid care model but also but also figuring out how to get more people the access to the health care providers they need. This is a focus not only of physical health care, but also mental health care – a whole health care model.

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For too long this country has been divided. Yes we all know we are divided on the national level for years but in this past decade we have become increasingly so at all levels of society. Who among us hasn’t said those words "let’s not discuss politics or hasn't seen headlines before a major holiday, like "16 ways to avoid politics at Thanksgiving dinner" we have all done it. We have all spent time thinking about how to avoid those subjects because it could ruin dinner.

No. When we say those words what we are saying is..."let's not discuss the issues that are important to our society’. We are saying that we are so far apart that we can't even begin to find common ground much less common-sense solutions to these issues. The issues that affect the day to day lives of the Democrats are the same issues that affect the Republicans, and the independents. We need the help of every member of our great society to open up their minds, to tell their solutions, to listen to the solutions of their friends, neighbors, their extended families. We as a society need to have discussions about politics, so that we can create the individual bricks to build our bridge to solve our common problems with common solutions

Judge and Gavel

Criminal Justice Reform

There are many things that we as a Country need to do in order to reform our justice system. Currently our justice system fosters, unintentionally and possibly intentionally, segregation, discrimination, the erecting of walls between people. Further, the goal of our criminal justice system is retribution nor rehabilitation. We know when a society focuses on rehabilitation of those in the criminal justice system, the rate of recidivism drops dramatically. A large portion of crimes committed in our Country are related to addiction and/or mental health. Colin says "and mental health" because 80% of the people who suffer addiction are actually suffering from untreated underlying mental health issues. Most of these crimes are also non-violent offenses. Non-violent offenders suffering from addiction or mental health issues should not be incarcerated but should be eligible for forms of treatment, including in-patient rehab, drug courts, IOP, and mental health counselling.


Jobs in the Western Slope

Colin is running for Congress to create good-paying jobs and a Western Slope economy that works for everyone. As Congressman, he will use his years of experience to continue to work with all stakeholders to create more economic opportunities for everyone and help retain and attract investments to Colorado's third congressional district.

Men Hunting with Dogs

Respect the 2nd Amendment 

The 2nd amendment is enshrined in our constitution but it is not unregulatable. Colin believes in a 6 point gun violence prevention plan that does not infringe on the rights enshrined in the 2nd amendment. 
1) Increase funding and access to mental health. 
2) Allow doctors to inform patients, should they want to, about the possible dangers inherent in gun ownership, 
3) Full criminal and psychological background check on all gun purchases, 
4) 48 hour waiting period on all gun purchases. 
5) 5 year mandatory renewal of firearm licenses with an appeal system in place. 
6) Red Flag Bill: A judicial system in place whereby a doctor or police officer can remove firearms from a potentially dangerous person, but a hearing on this decision must take place within 7 days