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"While our democracy is surviving, it is in peril and certain members of Congress are not doing anything to protect it. On January 6, We all saw an attack on the citadel of democracy. This was an insurrection, a failed coup d’état. Make no mistake, a direct result of our Former President's lies to the American public. We are all shocked, but none of us should be very surprised; a small part of each of us saw something like this coming.

"For too long this country has been divided. Yes, we all know we have been divided on the national level for years, but in this past decade we have become increasingly so at all levels of society. Who among us hasn’t said those words 'let’s not discuss politics' or hasn't seen headlines before a major holiday that say '16 ways to avoid politics at Thanksgiving dinner,' we all have. We have all spent time thinking about how to avoid those subjects because it could ruin dinner.  But not talking about important issues has gotten us to where we are today. And it is more important, now than ever, that we make a change in how we communicate with each other.

"Finally CD3 needs a candidate that can unite people across party lines and bring in the unaffiliated vote. When you look at my past elections, you will see that my messaging has resonated with people from all walks of life. This is because we as a team get out and listen to the people. We talk to everyone who wants to talk to us and listen to their ideas and solutions to the issues, that is important because everyone basically has the same problems in this country, we just rank them differently based upon our household priorities. But we do more than just listen to people, we take their solutions and use them to create pragmatic solutions to these issues.  When I am in Congress I will work for all people with actual solutions, I won't just freedom every problem."

- Colin Wilhelm, Candidate for Colorado CD3

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Colin and his Wife Erin

Colin and his Wife Erin

Q & A

 Why did you want to run?

"I have dedicated my life and my career to upholding and defending the Constitution, and I believe that serving in a public office is a civic duty.  As a Congressperson your job is to represent the people of your District first, then the people of Colorado and finally the People of the United States as a whole. A representative must represent the entire district, not just the people who voted for them, and not just the people who have the same or similar opinions as them.  While my personal stances on issues are important in who I am, as a representative, it would be my responsibility to represent you, and your beliefs.

How will redistricting affect the race?

"Colorado is going to be redistricting this year, we are getting a new Congressional seat due to the increase in population of the State as a whole. While we don't know what the map will look like, we can be pretty sure that Boebert will remain in the 3rd Congressional District, and her County is more than likely to remain with her. As Ms. Boebert and I both reside in Garfield County it is more than likely that we will be in the same district.

Why should I vote for you? 

“ I care about each and every person in the district and I believe that as an elected official your duty must be to represent each person in your district not just those who voted for you. You should vote for me because along with that, I am willing to do the hard things, and go up against powerful interests to make sure my constituents have an opportunity to live their best possible lives. You should vote for me because you deserve a representative who is honest, compassionate, trustworthy, and transparent.