Protecting Colorado's Water

Water is the lifeblood of CD3 and Colin's focus is to keep CD3 water in CD3. To do this, we must work backward and manage our obligation to the Colorado River, the Rio Grande, and the Arkansas River Compacts.


As the compacts currently sit, especially with the Colorado River, Colorado has an ever-increasing obligation to the lower basin states. To meet this demand, we must temporarily increase our downstream flow and increase our water reserves.


Colin knows drought conditions are projected to continue in the American West and it's important that we start to do more to protect our already stressed water sources. He wants to revise many of the
River Compacts in a way that reflects the lower flows we see every year in our rivers and gives the upper basin states, especially Colorado, a fairer share. Every right holder, whether they live
in Colorado or downstream, is entitled to their water claim. Colin just want to make sure that there is not only enough water to go around, but enough water to maintain healthy rivers.


This will involve working across the aisle and with state and federal governments to ensure that no one in CD3 suffers unnecessary water restrictions.

This involves saying no when a proposed solution is not right for the district. An example of this is the Renewable Water Resources (RWR) proposed pipeline from the San Luis Valley to Douglas County. This is a classic example of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Colin will work so that the Front Range in Colorado can focus on water recycling technology to manage the water they already have and let CD3 manage the water we already have.