Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Every Coloradoan should be able to access the health care that’s right for them, and that includes protecting the right to safe, legal abortion. 

Recently the State of Texas enacted SB8. The so-called "heartbeat law."


This and other bills like it are blatant restrictions on a woman's right to medical freedom. Not to mention, the extreme irony and hypocritical use of the phrase "My Body, My Choice" by those looking to simultaneously dictate what a woman can and cannot do with her body and deny the effectiveness and validity of life saving vaccines during a global pandemic. 


Colin recognizes that enshrined in the Constitution is a right to privacy between a patient and their doctor. It is Government over reach to dictate what procedures are off the table. Colin knows actions intended to restrict the freedoms of women will not only lead to frivolous law suits but also have no business being within the directive of government.