Mother and Daughter Love

Unity for Colorado and America

For too long this country has been divided. We all know we have been divided on the national level for years, but in this past decade we have become increasingly so at all levels of society.


Who among us hasn’t said those words "let’s not discuss politics" or hasn't seen headlines before a major holiday: "16 ways to avoid politics at Thanksgiving dinner."


We have all spent time thinking about how to avoid those subjects because it could ruin dinner.

When we say those words or have those thoughts what we are saying is..."let's not discuss the issues that are important to our society." We are saying that we are so far apart that we can't even begin to find common ground much less common-sense solutions to these issues. Colin believes that the issues that affect the day to day lives of the Democrats are the same issues that affect the Republicans, and the independents. We need the help of every member of our great society to open up their minds, to tell their solutions, to listen to the solutions of their friends, their neighbors, their extended families. In congress, Colin will be a champion for our society as a whole to have discussions about politics, so that we can create the individual bricks to build our bridge to solve our common problems with common solutions.